Kara is a wife, mom and business owner that also survived a breast cancer diagnosis at 39. Her kids Shelby and Gordy are the joy in her light and make each day a blessing. While going through chemo her son sat on Santa's Lap and told him all he wanted was to make his mommy well. With tears in both their eyes Merryam was born.

On the way back from the mall in 2009 they chatted about how Santa had so much to do and did he pray like we do for families that are going through a tough time. We all decided that he had to have a Secret Elf that prayed to God to help them during their time of need so that he could focus on getting those toys out. Santa's Secret Elf is our families way of bringing the joy of gift giving and the blessings of Jesus into our home and we hope that you enjoy Merryam as much as we do.

Now you may wonder where Merryam's name came from and this was very difficult. While driving in the car Kara googled something and Merriam Dictionary came up and that is how we knew her name had to be Merryam. Merryam will become a favorite addition to your holiday traditions and remember that she is waiting to say a prayer for you, just send her a letter.

Malou Francisco

Hi! I'm Malou Francisco a Graphic / Illustrator Artist, 23 years old. Lives in the Philippines. Graduate of Fine Arts and Design in the University of Santo Tomas. Rides the Jeepney when going to places. Loves sweets. She's also interested in photography.

"A little girl who lives in a dreamland full of rainbows and butterflies, where mountains are made of jellies and river tastes like chocolate. Often she's seen on treetop gazing up the sky."

Choi Castino

Hi! I'm Choi Castino, Graphic/ Web Designer, 24 years old. Lives in the Philippines. Graduate of BS Computer Engineering in the Technological Institute of the Philippines. Very funny guy, a lots of friend. Love to play basketball, sometimes I cook, I'm always in front of my laptop. Love to travel alone, know other persons social with them. I love kids there crazyness, there smile and laugh. Kids to me is acure for my stress and problem :)

"SHARE A SMILE! MAKE MORE FRIENDS! After all, as said, smile is the shortest distance between two people!"

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